The Festival was created in 2004, right 80 years after the death of Giacomo Puccini.
Until then no practical sign of the presence of Giacomo Puccini in his native city was present. Since the start of the festival, Puccini e la sua Lucca remains the only event dedicated to Puccini and his music in his native city and the only permanent Festival in the world, presenting concerts and recitals every single day of the year. And always sporting varied professional performers and programs each evening.

The Festival was conceived and realized by the present Chairman and Artistic Director, Andrea Colombini. Financially, the venture started thanks to the investment of three private citizens from Lucca, the sisters Alda Borselli Paroli and Renata Borselli Colombini and Mr. Luciano Colombini GP, who were then joined in a second moment by public boards, finally convinced to support a great cultural, tourist and economical enterprise as the Festival was and remains.

The Festival, besides realizing almost 4,700 events in 13 years of uninterrupted activity, remains the only testimonial of the bound between Lucca and Puccini. Thus achieving, after 80 years of incredible silence, the task of stating to the entire world – after more than 40 tours all over the world in the last10 years and other 30 tours already organized in the next two years - that Lucca was, is and remains the city where one of the greatest geniuses of mankind - and the most performed operatic composer in the world – was born and partially lived in.

The Festival has a private Board Committee. Since 2013 it also created a special section dedicated to Audio/Video productions, including the huge video library of performances filmed and recorded in the years between 2010 and 2016.

Being present on youtube in the channel PUCCINIMUSICK, here the Festival presents to a worldwide audience almost 150 excerpts from the 41 complete video productions realized until now, with monthly updatings. Since November 2016 the official web tv channel PUCCINIMUSIC will be officially opened worldwide and will open to a large audience a wide programmation upon subscription and on-demand of almost 250hours per year in the period 2016/2018.

The official website of the Festival, www.puccinielasualucca.com, received, during the last 6 years, almost 6,3million visits and every day it counts between 3,000 to 4,000 recorded visitors. The world-famous www.tripadvisor.com lists Puccini e la sua Lucca as the second main attraction of the city of Lucca, being second only to the splendid Walls surrounding the enchanting city of Giacomo Puccini. Today, the Festival has a steady company of almost 60 professional soloists, 4 accompanists, 4 symphony orchestras ( with the primary presence of the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra – SEE cv of the orchestra - as orchestra in residence of the Festival all the year round), 3 choirs and 4 conductors, with a staff of almost 20 collaborators. A splendid example of the efficiency of Culture organized by private boards, which may not only survive but also being to the fore in expressing Italian excellence in the world. Even in moments of big crisis as we are living now and in comparison to big and useless public cultural boards.